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    this really cheered me up

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  2. "

    What does happiness look like?
    You in your red coat.
    Where does it go for a drink?
    To bed, on Sundays.

    What does happiness sound like?
    The purr of an unhooked phone.
    What does it do for a living?
    It has private means.

    What does happiness feel like?
    The barehanded planting of bulbs.
    What is its home address?
    Yours, sweetheart.

    Does happiness have a scent?
    The sea, the air, the earth.
    Where did you see it last?
    Under the bedclothes, laughing.

    What taste does happiness have?
    That of a long, slow kiss.
    And how does happiness write?
    Badly, like this.

    — Carol Ann Duffy, from Write About Happiness  (via tiredestprincess)

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